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7800 SW 87th Avenue, Suite B200
Miami, Florida, 33173 USA
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7800 S. W. 87th Avenue, Suite B200, Miami, Florida, 33173 USA Office. 305.307.5787
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Fractional Laser to Reduce 2 Year Old Burn Scars on Face

“My motivation to see Dr. Waibel was to work with her to reduce major hypertrophic scarring on my face. Dr. Waible and her staff are easy to work with and Dr Waible on my first consultantion she explain her plan and show me the main different type of results. I currently on a 8 week treatment cycle and her staff such as Joy and Anna make coming to the Miami area a pleasurable experience. The scarring has reduced by problemly 70% so far after 9 visits.”

Laser Scar Treatment

“Dr. Jill Waibel is an absolute genius when it comes to lasers and scar removal… Not to mention all her wonderfully executed cosmetic procedures that I’ve witnessed first hand. I am continuing to get treated for my scar using various lasers and I have total faith in her abilities to minimize its’ appearance.”

Ultrapulse for 26 Yr Old Burn Scars

“On 10/09/2012 I received three different laser treatments on my cheeks and chest for thermal burn scars caused by a hairdryer at 2 months o age. I believe all three were CO2 lasers, one to reduce the Browning of the chest scar and the other two were for resurfacin and reducing the elevation of the scars. I am not expecting a 100% disappearance of the scars but rather a flattening of them. I should note that I have had numerous reductive surgeries throughout my childhood through Dr.Habal at the Shriners Hospital in Tampa. In 2003 at 17 they informed me I’d had everything that could be done to improve them and my remaining option would be sanding which is 50/50 worse or better. Thankfully, there are more options now which I have persued. Today is Day 1 post op10/10/2011. I am experiencing no pain or swelling, the treated areas are coming along as expected, reddish brown now with no spot bleeding like the day of the operation. I am cleaning with the vinegar soaks every 2-3 hours followed by application of Aquaphor for Baby. The treatment areas look great in terms of healing rate.”

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